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I've cycled the Manifold Trail

I've cycled the entire length of the Manifold Trail and so has Karen.
We started out from here at 10.00am on hired cycles and travelled nine miles to the end of the track at Hulme End.

We had an absolutley fantastic day and enjoyed beautiful weather. Here are the pictures.

There were lots of small bridges to cross as the old railway track constantly crossed the river bed of the Manifold river. I say riverbed with good reason, because during most summers the river completely disappears down a pot hole near wetton Mill and it only holds water during the wetter winter months.
There was simply miles and miles of idyllic scenery, plant and wildlife.

The river at Wetton Mill and its tea room.

Limestone grass land.

Twenty years ago, when I last cycled through this tunnel, it definately didn't boast a lighting system. Great fun.

The star attraction of the journey was probably Thors Cave.'s+cave&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&ei=7GRxTJHYFoGUjAfztID7CA&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=4&ved=0CDQQsAQwAw

Here's my picture.

The half way house and a rustic ploughmans lunch. After nine miles were very appreciativeof the chance to have a break and recharge our batteries.

Our trusty steeds waiting patiently for us to start the return journey.

During the day, that bike and I became extremely attached to each other and although the seat was padded with a moden type of gel stuffing, I wasn't sad at bidding it a fond farewell. We started at ten, visited two tea rooms twice and crossed the finish line quite wearily just after three.
I'm sure that we'll do the journey again at sometime and I'd urge anyone to try the Manifold trail. You'll love it.

Pity I didn't know you were in my back yard or we could have caught up for a pint! Next time how about the High Peak trail? another fantastic bike ride or hike.

There's a new trail thats due to open at the end of the year. We saw it advertised at the discount bookshop on the roundabout, just a few miles outside Bakewell on the way to Chatsworth. That looks as though its going to be interesting.

Ahh, guess that was Hassop station, nice spot and rather good remainders bookshop there isn't it?

Thats the one DT

They've completely changed the book shop recently and now have only a fraction of the books that they had before. They've created a massive posh cafe and must be expecting a lot of custom from the soon to be opened cycle trail.

Think they always did rather well from their web book shop . Its been going since befre Amazon made it big in the UK! So I guess thats where they are focusing that side of the business now.
Though if you like bookshops and haven't come across it yet pay this place a visit next time you are up here how they fit quite so many rooms and books in a building that small I don't know (unless Terry Pratchett is right about L space!)

Sir Pterry is correct about L space if you trust the word of those at the Unseen University.

Bazzer wrote:
Sir Pterry is correct about L space if you trust the word of those at the Unseen University.

Yup, and the Scarthin book shop is proof on this planet of the fact he is right! Oh and don't take my word for it that it is a good bookshop, the Guardian seems to think t is one of the best in the world and who am I to argue?

The peak distict is a really beautiful spot.  There're a few good trails to ride, te Manifold, Tissington and High Peak are all good family friendly rides.  If you go into the pub in Hulme End, there's a really funny 'risque' picture in the gents titled ''Mantlepiece'' it was probably quitre saucy in the 1970's when it was put up.  The camp sites ther is great too, family friendly and you can ish the brook for trout for a couple of quid - which is a slightly better deal then you'd get on the nearby Dove or the Lathkill.

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