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I thought so.

When we got back from walking the dog this evening, I went and shone the torch on our pond. With it being so mild, I thought I'd see some frogs and I was right. There were dozens of mating frogs, so there should be some spawn to be seen in the next few days.  

 Cool stuff. My pond seems to be in trouble, the level dropped by about a foot, I keep topping it up just incase it freezes and kills off the fish, i'll see if I can repair it in better weather, if not i'll be needing a lot of hardcore to fill it up  

My ponds have overflown and flooded the lawn and the back path
I found a rather surprised newt when I brushed some of the water from the path over to one that drains out of the garden and into the woodland.
Normally they just freeze/seize up when spotted, but this one scampered off and under a planter.

Haven't seen any frogs yet though.

So very pleased that Spring is actually on the way, even if it's not here yet. Lovely to see some brightness in the days again, and they are lengthening out
Can't come soon enough this year. I hope it doesn't freeze up anymore too, lots of buds and too early bulbs coming out.


Our pond is very much in trouble thanks to our mole problem. The blighters popped up a line of molehills around the perimeter, half of which collapsed into the pond.

Waiting for dryer days to get it sorted.

We've had an overnight delivery.  


Our frogs have arrived.

I spied some frogpawn on Sunday so spent yeterday morning trying to get as much mud out of the pond as I could (mud that moles spilled into the pond)
I had hoped for dry weather before the frogs arrived so we could overhaul the pond but no luck there.

I spend yesterday afernoon tootling about dong odd garden jobs with a wonderful frog chorus as they continued spawning.

It's comical to watch the dogs who hear the commotion, run over barking and see.... nothing.

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