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I thought I'd lost it!

My Mojo that is. Today, I managed to catch my first mole in goodness knows how long. I got the little beggar that's been turning over my orchard for the last few weeks.


Why is a mole in an orchard a bad thing ?

Serious question, I'm not being facetious.


I have to mow the orchards every two weeks and the soil and the stones that they throw up play havoc with the cutters and its the same when they transfer their attention to the fields where we cut hay.

I'm going to set my traps again this morning. Another one has started chucking soil up.
brummie nick

bodger can't see your name on this list.

We used to have one or two of their reps coming on here. I think it may have been a bit of a money making scheme.

Did a 2 acre field last week had 23 moles off it  

Nice 1 John u still have it lol

Only just Bry   23 from one small field and I'm complaining about a couple?

So glad no one thought they would be great thing to bring here  

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