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I think it's time.

I think the time has come to face the fact that I need to have my elderly dog put to sleep. He's 13 and has been getting weak on his legs for a while. Recently he has missed the ocassional day 'doing the rounds' as he has been unable to jump into the car but at the weekend he fell with splayed legs and was unable to get up without help, he did the same again today. Other days he is fine - which only makes things harder.

Tonight my youngest son comes home so tomorrow I shall talk to the vet...

In your heart you know what the right decision is, 13 yrs with a trusted partner, its always going to be a hard decision.

I had to make the same decision, a few months ago, so I know what you are feeling.

It is so hard when a part of your family has to go our hearts go out to you

It's an awful decision to make but it has to be done once your wonderful companion no longer has the best quality of life.
Thinking of you

It is a hard, hard decision to make, and I guess by now you will have seen the vet.  Like border, I had to make this decision fairly recently, and it still hurts, but I knew it was the best thing for Lochie.  The trouble is, when we get dogs we know that the chances are we will out-live them...... all you can do is remember the wonderful life he had and the joy you gave each other, and take comfort in the fact that you did the best for him right to the end.

Thinking of you (with (quite literally) tears in my eyes).  
Grandma Bodger

Thinking about you Sandra like the others Ive been there its not nice

Oh Sandra, am so sad reading this - I too, am coming to face the fact about my darling boy who's 16 - know exactly what you're saying. He cant manage to get in the car unless I lift him, cant get up the stairs - Im sleeping downstairs with him so he doesnt get stressed, his legs are giving way, then sometimes he is fine.
I was away for the weekend & he was so happy to see me   just cant do it right now   as had to make the decision about my old pony earlier this year when her legs gave out   feels too soon after her & now anniversary of my mum    but..... know Ive got to do the right thing at some point  

Someone posted the following on the Epilepsy List and I think that it gives a good idea as to whether or not to finally let go.

Quality of Life Scale

But mostly you will know when they are ready - their eyes will tell you.

Thinking of all who have to make the decision to say goodbye, but knowing that it is the kindest thing we can do for our pets when the time is right for them.

Angel our older rotty girl is 16 still able to get up on chairs n couches   ute n small truck a bit of help needed but!!! Her daughter died suddenly but still have her son

so very very sorry to read ths Sandra.  My heart goes out to you x

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