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I think im all beed out now

picked up 4 swarms this year but the apiary is full now


So what do you do the next time someone offers you a swarm?
Will you be able to resist them or quickly build a new hive?

wheres the honey then all the hives being different do you have the semi the executive and the luxuary appartment jinm or is it all the same

mmmmmm honey= mead!!!!!!!!!!! [smilie=pdt_aliboronz_24.gif]

4 hives wont produce much honey if at all as they will be building up there numbers with them been swarms one swarm i collected sat. was queenless so ive placed a frame of brood from a strong colony in there so hopefully they will make a few queencells round a few eggs and rear their own i should have known they were queenless as they were very aggressive when i collected them from the pub garden.
The small hives known as nucleus hives are ideal to start a swarm off in as they fill the 5 frames with stores and brood i will put them into a large hive with some more frames.
The top boxes on the hives are called supers these are where the honey is stored a wire frame is put under these to prevent the queen climbing up and laying eggs and mixing them with the honey all the hives are single walled hives except the traditional looking one which is doulble walled an hive inside an hive harder to maintain but warmer in winter and it was free.
Anymore swarms which i dought this year will be passed on to any beekeeping student from the local college .
I have a few more hives in the shed which are old and need some work doin on them just in case i expand next year :-)
I will be extracting some honey tommorow night so i will post a few pics

Nice to see Jim. I have had very few calls for bees this year. Normally I would expect severall but I should think I am 80% down on calls this year.

There is 3 beekeepers in my area and ive had 4 swarms in my village alone so i think ive been lucky this year :-)

It seems that bees are in great threat round these parts. Normally I would expect to be called out to 30 - 40 swarms in a season. This year iot has been considerably less and speaking to my local pesties they have suffered the same as well. I would like to think that the local bee keepers have been getting the calls instead, as under no circumstances will I readilly kill bees. I know of some pesties who have no morals and just see them as money. Hope your colonies thrive mate.

Good man Ratty and thanks :-)

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