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I suppose that you could pretty much have guessed this.

Another victim of the summer.

This is the worst year for Honey in my 20 odd years of keeping Bees. Some of my hives would most certainly not  be able to make it through the coming winter without my feeding them even without taking any honey off. Not only has necter been hard to come by but pollen supplies have also be affected too. All in all a poor year for Bees.

I havnt taken off any honey this year and indeed have been feeding on and off since July, and the next dry day will be feeding fondant to ensure survival of my colonies through the winter.

This was taken about 6 weeks ago, at an adult ed beekeeping event I ran here.  You can see the bees are quite happy (and healthy) and the students 'getting right into it'.

well i guess i have been lucky, didnt expect to get much honey this year as i was moving house as were the girls, but have managed to harvest 30lb the main colonies are looking good so fingers crossed for the winter.

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> The Beehive
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