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I shot my dinner this morning.

I shot my dinner in my dressing gown this morning. I still haven't got a clue as to what it was doing there but what can you do?
It was just after seven and I was merely following orders and fetching Karen her third cup of tea in bed of the morning, when I spied a rabbit out in the orchard. It just had to go, it was perilously close to one of the apple trees, so I opened the bedroom window as quietely as I could and loaded my .177 Weihrauch air rifle. I drew a bead on the bunny and shot him dead.
With slippers quickly added to my hunting attire, I was out the backdoor like a shot and quickly jumped the garden fence into the orchard, where I recovered a nearly full grown rabbit. The grass was long and it was wet but thats nothing to us outdoor types and it was well worth the trip. Thank God we aren't overlooked by neighbours.
This afternoon, its going to be recipe books out as Rob and I plan what exactly to do with Bunnykins. There are loads of recipes available for rabbit and although you can't try them all, we'll be hoping to come up with something a little bit different.

Great start to the day

Nice 1 Bod    cause theres a lack of rabbits about here i've had a few people ask me for rabbits this past week  

There's loads here Bry, there always has been.

If you are still looking for a recipe I can thoroughly recommend the one we had tonight....... Pappardelle with Rabbit Sauce

If you are interested let me know and I will scan the page and add it to the post.


PS.. This is the second time we have eaten this, and it is DELICIOUS!
brummie nick

Re: I shot my dinner this morning.

bodger wrote:
I shot my dinner in my dressing gown this morning.

That's a 'funny' place to keep your dinner.  

I know it's an old joke ,but someone had to say it.  

Sausage on a stick    


Wilder, I'd love to have a look at that recipe.

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