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I never knew whether or not older was best !

But now I'm older, I know for sure.

Wot? No Harry Potter ? Now these are my sort of people.

Heard that on the radio coming home from work and the list was quiet surprising.

Funny but they are not the list that I read nor the list that my voracious readers of children read - nor does the list bear much relation to what the grandchildren read. And they were regular raiders of the library.

But there you go - one of mine was very upset that she was all of 8 before she got to read Wind in the Willows and accused the teachers at school of keeping it a secret.

She and brother had both cracked Lord of the Rings by the time they were 10. I believe it still ranks with them. But I'd have to check for absolute verification.

But certain obscure books are still fondly remembered like Harry the Dirty Dog (who ran away from his bath), In Search of Unicorns (sadly out of print), Gumdrop the Austin 7, My Naughty Little Sister and The Lion in the Meadow. Those are the ones that they come up with when discussing books that they liked.

I bet the childrens' own list would be a bit different.  Some of the books the laureates have mentioned have really not aged well - Five Children and It for instance.  Timeless stuff like the Just So Stories and Treasure Island I can understand being there.
Richard Bailey

Mmmmm, let's see if I get slapped for this, bearing in mind, it's true!

Is older best?

Well, back in the 70's, as a school lad going through puberty and all the things that go with it, I really had the incredible "hots" for my school mates mum! She was a tall leggy blonde and the short skirts and high white PVC boots nearly made me burst. She knew what effect she was having and some time later, when my mate wasn't there when I called, she "trained me in the ways of a man and woman" WOW!!!

Sadly it didn't happen that often and I think the novelty of a school boy lover wore off, but it didn't do me any harm, I was certainly a willing participant, if rather fumbling and useless to start with, but still think back all those years and still smile. :evil9:

My first mother-in-law improved on my training too....
Oh yes, older is much better!

Soph had read LOTR by 10 as well, no Harry P book lasted more than a day with her.
Worth noting the age of the folks who picked the list though, what'd be interesting to know would be the list picked by the then recent and current kids lauriets in 2050 when its this generation of kids doing the job

Richard Bailey wrote:

Oh yes, older is much better!

   Have to agree  

Oh yes, older is much better![/quote]

 Have to agree [/quote]

Personally...gotta agree....  what else can I say at my tender age...  

On a more serious note I too prefer the older the JKR's of this world....Imagination....

There again thats whats left        

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