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Big Phil

I need your help; How do I become a butcher?

I have decided to change career while I still can.

I want to become a butcher, a good butcher. Where do I start what advice do have. Are there any butchers on this site?

I would suggest that you first contact a College of further education close to you, and enquire if they run a suitable butchery training course.

You can then venture into the Bureaucratic minefield of funding for mature students; believe me it is far from straight forward or easy.

Over the last few months I have been pursuing funding so that I can train to be an A1 NVQ assessor, and then a V1 NVQ verifirer in mechanical engineering, and have consistantly hit solid walls built of huge amounts of red tape. The funding is there, but trying to get these none achieving middle manangement civil servants, who seem to think that the allocation of these funds will affect their pension prospects is a completly frustrating affair.... ....  .... fortunately I am already a bald headed git, otherwise I would have been pulling handfuls of my mane out.
green man

Good luck to you,

Big Phil

The local agricultural college runs courses. However they are listed under 'Commercial' and the cost is 'Price On Application'. They are short course only.
There is a firm in Ipswich that advertise NVQ in butchery but you need to have a job with a firm prepared to invest time and training.

The search continues.

Ask a local butcher????

Big Phil wrote:
The local agricultural college runs courses. However they are listed under 'Commercial' and the cost is 'Price On Application'. They are short course only. The search continues.

Do not be dismayed by the words; commercial and POA, contact the admissions office and enquire about mature student funding. There is a very good chance that it will be available. My friend Mandy is doing a (commercial) garden designers course at Easton college has been awarded the full 1330 P/A tution fees.

My circumstances for the A1 & V1 NVQ assessors qualifications are different in the need for 5-10 candidates for me to work with. Being a One Man Band, and no employees or work mates puts me in to a tricky position. The solution: I approached a local ex-offenders support and education project. They have offered me the full 10 candidates for me to train, mentor and assess .... the catch; during the period that I am undertaking the work towards my qualification I am to supply the training for the candidates free of charge. No problems there, as it is only 15 of my hours each week ... the advantage; After qualification, I become the projects preferred training supply contractor......... a win, win situation as far as I am concerned
Big Phil

Good fortune smiles Gareth.

As for asking a local butcher I shall be doing that tomorrow. The butcher in question has a very good reputation of being a traditional butcher and has had trainees in the past.

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