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I need a little help and advice from the mechanically minded

I need a little help and advice from the mechanically minded.

I can get almost unlimited amounts of well seasoned, but untreated Oak chippings from a fellow Polo team member who works for church organ, and general church woodworking supply and refurbishing company.

These chippings are produced by a planer/thicknesser machine, and the majority of these chippings are too large for use in my ProQ cold smoke generator that I use for smoking food. At the moment I am having to riddle through the chippings to obtain the 1 mm pieces that are ideal for use in the ProQ, this is a tedious and time consuming process which is taking me on average 20-30 minutes to achieve.

I get plenty of pile A, but what I want is pile B

Can anybody suggest anything that I can cobble together so that I can feed pile A in one end, chews it up and spits it out so that I get pile B out the other end.

Our Border Collie is quite good at that kind of stuff - trouble is - she hasn't got the hang of leaving it in a neat pile, it gets strewn around the garden  

Sorry, not much help am I  

A secondhand cremulator perhaps?
Or, slightly less ghoulish, a pair of small millstones.
Or, an old epicyclic hub reduction unit, mounted on a stand, via the halfshaft, and turned using a welded on handle.

Grain mill, hand or elec

Meat mincer, hand or elec

Industrial liquidiser

Old fashioned stone mill, wind powered lol

Or you could use the same system as fancy bird keepers do to sepperate the husk from the seads on spilages. It works on a gentle air flow through which you pass the seeds. The husks get blown out of the falling mass & get collected whilst the heavier seeds fall straight down.

You will still get the same volume you are getting now but mush easier. Then find a use for the larger bits.

Maybe an electric coffee bean grinder

how about a wood chipping machine or a liquidiser?

Pets at Home have got a special offer on this week buy one beaver, get one free.

Dan347 wrote:
Maybe an electric coffee bean grinder

I'm with Dan on this one Gareth, I've heard of other people doing the same.

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