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I moved the trap

I moved my fox trap a couple of days ago and followed advice by sticking it in a hedgerow and attempting to camouflage it with dead bracken. My fox saw through my cunning plan and is still at large, inspite of clocking on a 10.45 pm last night and visiting the trap non stop until just after six this morning.
I've upped my game this morning by adding more foliage  around the entrance and placing soil in the bottom of the trap to hide the mesh.
In the meanwhile, on the bright side, I got some smashing shots of him last night and of course, there's always tonight.

Cunning or what? ( probably not) and I've put soil in since taking the picture.
Here's foxy ! He gave me 169 pictures spread out over a seven hour period.


Great pics- good luck
Dave C

Good luck  

Where did you get it from?

The Trap Man
I went for the longer version that he does but I still don't think its long enough.

I've just reset my fox trap. Last night, something tried to dig under the back of it to get at the bait and set it off. Trail cam also set to keep an eye on tonights proceedings.

try not using the cam , i reckon foxy can see the IR  light on and knows somethings amiss

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