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I might have a new job.

I might have a new job, unpaid of course, but Karen went to one of  her meetings this evening and got talking to someone who wants me to be a moth recorder for our little part of Wales. I built my own skinner moth trap a few years ago and its something that I think I'd quite like to do. More info when I get it.


Blimey, its five years ago since I made my moth trap.



Softly softly catchee mothy...  

My Father-in-law used to do moth counts for Surrey conservation group. He had an actinic (I think thats how you spell it!) bright white bulb in his trap and got loads of moths. I only have a UV one and get about 40%less in mine.

I'm going to set mine tonight.

I've been out and switched the lamp off this morning. I've covered the trap with a sheet so that I can look at the specimens in it after breakfast but I'm excited because I could see at least one hawk moth in it.

I know someone up in Scarborough who does that  

At long last, we've managed to get photobuckete working. Well at least after a fashion its working.   Here are the most spectacular of the specimens that I caught on Friday night.



As I can names very few moths, would you mind adding some names to your pics, mate.  

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