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I made a new friend

There is an old lady who lives near me.  Every day for many years she has taken her little Jack Russel for a walk and we have just exchanged pleasantries of the "nice day" type.  Then I heard that she had fallen, broken her hip, was in hospital and had had to give her beloved dog away.
    I went to visit her in hospital and have continued to do so after she came home.  She now ahas to walk with a zimmer frame and has lost the companionship of her dog and her life has narrowed right down.

    At first this was just a knid of "duty visit" on my part because I felt it was the right thing to do but yesterday we were talking about her late husband and I asked how they met.

    She decided to tell me her life story.  And what an amazing story it was!  Her dad used to work on a country estate and they lived in a tied cottage (during the War).  By the time she was 14 she was orphaned and had to leave the cottage and earn her own!  What a tale it was ! Talk about adversity!  What a wonderful and interesting old lady she has turned out to be.

    Her story would rival one of Catherine Cookson's any day.
And I am proud that she is my friend.
Grandma Bodger

what a lovely story she sounds as though she will have lots of tales to tell you, your kind deed will benefit you

There are lot of tales out there which as time passes are due to be lost.Its a great shame that more of these life stories can't be written down and saved for posterity.

Give her our regards if you will.

Thank you.  Yes, I will.

What a lovely thing you have done, well done     You will benefit greatly from the friendship that has been struck up.

I used to do voluntary work for a charity for the blind which involved me visiting/shopping/cleaning for and talking to elderly people who had lost their sight (partial or complete) and some of the stories I heard were from a distant time and were so interesting to listen to.  Although I moved away from the area I still kept in touch with the people I had visited with Christmas/Birthday cards and regular phone calls.  Regrettably over the last few years they have all passed away but I learned a lot about gone by days from those people and am grateful to them for that.

Is there no way your new friend can get her doggy companion back?  There are charities which provide dog walkers for those who are no longer able to walk their own dog.  I know of one, The Cinnamon Trust, but I do not know if it's a national charity.  Perhaps The Kennel Club would be able to help.  My Ma-in-Law walks a border collie cross for an elderly lady who's in a residential home in Ashburton in Devon where she's allowed to keep her dog in her room and the dog loves it when we're visiting and we take our Border Collie too, they have a whale of a time together     This lady has several dog walkers - some are even family members of other residents of the home so the dog gets a good walk every day of the week.

Please also pass on my best wishes to your new friend.  I am sure she will enjoy hearing that others are asking after her and providing long distance companionship.

She gave her dog to a family who have children.  He was originally a rescue dog and seems to love children and they sent her some photos of him, his bed, his new little companions and his toys.  She says he is better where she is and also he is deaf and used to get under her feet because he didn't hear her so all in all I guess she is right to leave him there.

Does he get to visit?
Be nice if he did.

I must be Ill. Bazzer getting soft?????

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