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I'm not quite a flasher.

I'm not quite a flasher yet.

As a wildlife lover I had to make a decision this morning. I woke up and looked out of the bedroom window to see a pair of mallards shovelling up the tadpoles in our wildlife pond. I found myself in a momentary dilemma with a decision to make. In the nature  programmes on TV, the cameraman doesn't interfere when the lion gets the zebra foal but what should I do? I'm not a purist, so "Sod it! " I thought as I put my dressing gown on and raced across the frosted grass to frighten the little beggars off. It was cold out.

We love our frogs and I don't keep our own domestic ducks off the pond just to allow these airborne interlopers to muscle in.

The circle of life interrupted by a bloke in his dressing gown  

The bdooly things were back again this morning.

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