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I'm leaving it late.

I'm only just half way through doing my winter pruning and its proving to hard laborious work. I'm taking lots off the trees in an attempt to get them into shape and each tree is taking ages to do. I've set myself a target of at least two rows a day but the weather hasn't been helping. Just one of the joys of being a one man band.

Only got about a quarter of mine done and I'm only "tidying up" the trees.
I'm in the same boat John, if it needs doing it's mostly down to me but at least there aren't any arguments about what does and doesn't need doing.  

I need to cut the willows. I knew there was something I hadn't done  
Chucking it down here today though :sigh:


I sent no less than three people on pruning courses and none of them are about. I've been on one too but I'm not far removed from being clueless.  

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