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I'm going to give them a go.

Not that I'm a tight wad or anything honest    but I've found several packets of flowers seeds dated 2008. I can't bring myself to throw them away, so I'm going to stick them in seed trays this afternoon. What chance of any success with them do you think I have? Will they be dormant  just waiting for me to give them a helping hand or will they be the traditional 'dead parrots ?'

Have you had any luck with long past their sell by date seeds?

I used an old packet of parsnip seeds dated 2008 last year, put two drills in hoping for around 30 vegatables, - got 3  

seeds will last forever in the right conditions depends where they were found like seeds left in garden centres all summer too warm etc but any is a bonus and the anticipation is worth it

For the sake of a few minutes work it has to be worth a go. Waste not want not.

I have planted out of date seeds before - more often than not they have worked.

HonkHonk wrote:
I used an old packet of parsnip seeds dated 2008 last year, put two drills in hoping for around 30 vegatables, - got 3

Parsnips are one of the seeds that need sowing as fresh as possible.  I always make sure I get a fresh packet of these, and never save any I don't use  

 Ahh right, thanks for that, a useful bit of info there.  

We've planted a whole load of different flower seeds in the greenhouse this afternoon and put a heater in there that will come on if the temperature goes below 3 degrees.

As Bodger has said...we have actually made a start! We usually leave it too late to grow things from seed
I have used permanent marker on plastic knives as labels (as we usually just leave the packets under the tray and they get wet/lost etc )
The greenhouse heater will come on if the temperature gets too low and yes, I have covered the electrics up now


I'm afraid i dont have the patience to grow from seed! Mum does and has some brilliant results, so i usually nick some of hers when they are a decent size!  

I make seed packets last a couple of years usually, rarely pay attention to best before date. i sowed some lobellia that was several years out of date and open and they came up lovely.

Like you said waste not want not, might as well try it if you ahve space

We are in the waste not camp as others have said a joy to see them come up  now will be waiting to hear results

I hate wasting seeds.
Sometimes I take a few old packets when I walk the dog and just scatter them - never seen any cabbages in the hedgerows though  

This year we are going to scatter some of our old veg seeds in the pig pen in the hopes that by the time we get this years weaners, some might have grown - not much of a snack for pigs, but something.

I was going to mention the Parsnips too  

None of the old seeds are showing yet but I've got a couple of onions making an appearance form a packet that my mate Blind Pugh has given me.

We use 'old' seeds too  

I can't wait for the flower seeds to come up in the greenhouse (but I must continue to water them this year ) but I will miss my trips to the garden centre whenever I fancied planting up another tub or hanging basket.
The cost per pot for annuals last year was 1.40 so I am going to be a lot better off

The Cosmoss is up.

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