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I'm building up a nice Autumn itinerary.

I love the autumn as a season, there seems to be such a lot going on before winter sets in.

I'm off to Graham Hicks closing down sale of ducks near Oswestry the weekend after next and the weekend after that, its the Conwy food festival.
Towards the end of November, I'm looking forward to attending Ludlows Medieval Christmas Fair, so thats three weekends entertainment sorted and I'll be keeping my eyes open for anything else thats in the offing.

Apart from chilblains, what has autumn got in store for you?

Sounds great time to be had and it is a wonderful time of year I also love spring

A trip to the Welsh Winter Fair hopefully - ChickenStu has kindly offered me free Bed and Breakfast  

Ive had 3 people drop off bags of apples ahead of Saturdays juicing event here.  Not sure all are ripe but they have been kind.

Then Ive a hedgelaying event on the 16th, then flying off to Ibiza on 17th, and looking forward to some autumn stuff like you.

Ive a staff appraisal end oct and Im going to be told off for working too many hrs and agree and have decided that no matter how much I love my job I need to pull back a bit.  Some 'me' time is a good idea I think.

So, I will be looking at doing some more stained glass and knitting.
chicken feed

we have been invited to a pumpkin festival at a local farm on saturday.

this sunday we will be showing the pigs at the eoe autumn show so a busy weekend.

november will see us pack our thermals and pigs for the newark vintage tracor weekend and rare breed show.

winter stock fest eoe.

stafford winter stockfest too.
we have lots of plough days ahead of us over the autumn & winter months.

at least twice a month we will head off to melton market (although it usually ends up a weekly outing through the winter)

we try to make the effort to get out and about during the winter just to catch up with folk.

we also have plans to take down chicken runs and concrete before rebuilding although i am cutting right back on numbers another 30 sold this week and more to go.

decorating the house too.

roll on the spring we will neeed the rest  

Pictures of the pumpkin festival would be interesting.
chicken feed

will see if we get time to go, i have 8 pigs to bath before sunday 5 of which have never been in a trailer let alone a bath shed so that will be fun they are only going for a display area of the rare breeds the others will be shown the boar has never been shown either but i was asked to take him along to keep the numbers up so i hope he remembers his manners, i am going to miss the 2 pigs that i have been showing at the weekend they went off last sunday to a new breeder that boar was a big pussy cat to work with the working boar is a live wire    watch this space.

he is also the same boar i intend doing pig agility with so could be interesting.

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