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I'm bored


3 days into my enforced 11 days off and I am already bored. Big flat cleaning session tomorrow, and monday I will be painting the 2 wheel bike trailer, and bending up pipe for the single wheeled bike trailer.

That'll take all of 4 hours!

However, I have 1 & 1/3rds sheets of 4mm thick WBC exterior Brazil plywood, a selection of 1 x 1 (25mm X 25mm), and 3 X 1 (75mm X 25 mm), a jar of brads, suitable screws and waterproof wood glue.

I've already built a boat, a ferret box, and a garden archway. So what do you good folks think that I should build, complete with a photo step-by-step How to ?  

C'mon folks here's your chance to give me a challenge

Ferret box;

Garden Archway :

The Jonboat;

Planter, or chicken coop, there are loads of people who would find it really useful

Pilsburys idea is a good one.
There are quite a few people on OTG who either keep or would like to keep a few chickens, so a step by step guide to building a coop for say three birds would go down pretty well and would be a valuable resource for the forum.
If you need any advice, give me a bell.

gareth well you know those old fashioned wooden train sets mmmmm just thinking they used to make small ones out of dowel and wooden blocks just chucking a sort of craft idea at you why not make a larger one out of ply maybe up to kiddies ride on size just a something to get you thinking you could maybe bend the ply to shape the boiler laminate some thicker ply for the wheels etc ,what you think ?

Been there, done that.

1/12th scale constuction equipment toys, based on the real stuff that I use to work on; Log skidder, 6X6 dumper, road roller, cherry-picker truck, etc.

Made in the early 90's for my lad, and now played with today 15 or so years on by my cousin's 3 young  boys.

ok then i,ll rack my brains and come up with something tidy   i made a tank toybox for my lad and he loved that to  

right ok then how about a dove cote with a dead fancy compound angled roof   i dare yuh

Think I'll make the poultry carrier.

Then if someone is interested in covering the postage of it flat packed, and a small donation to the supported charity, they can have it.

If Pilsbury asks me to, I'll go and stop with him & Jo for a weekend and make his chicken ark with him

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