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I love


well it needs a bit of work on it too clean it up, but a local freind turned up with this for me today  

I popped down to his house the other day, asking if he new of one anywere, he didnt at the time but said he would keep hes eyes and ears open for me.
well i was just having a swearing fit getting the cows in you do, and hes van turned up,  

He shouted up, just the person i was looking for    thats when i paniced, that normaly means trouble for me  

He had had a call asking if he wanted it, from someone in birmingham
 he didnt want it but went all the way to brum and back for it, delivered it too me, and didnt want a penny    
there are still decent people about see    

You did a duplicate post so I've deleted the other one - hope that's OK  

Looks nice and I bet it'll scrub up really well.  Would love to see the finished job

ooops..........its this keyboard    its developed a stutter!!

ooops..........its this keyboard    its developed a stutter!!

told you..............

Nice. Have you got the doors for it?

yep i have, they just need new glass put in them and then they'l be fine

Just a tip- If you need to replace the fire bricks we mixed some firebrick dust with high aluminia cement and plastered it first on its back,then when hard the side etc- worked a dream looked like new. Got the firebrick dust from letting the cement mixer do the work breaking down bits of firebrick I had smashed with a sledge.

thanks for the tip welshboy there are some bricks with it, but most of them are broke,   so it'l be worth doing what you said  

Get it down the local sandblasters & then coat in high temp paint. Doing it my hand will look good but the rust will soon come back.

might give theboat yard a uick shout tomorrow, seeif they will do it  justme:thumbup:

very nice dan.......gonna look good  

and my fav word too.......FREE !!    

Brilliant..look forwad to seeing the finished article!

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