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I kid you not !

Not that we are that old of course, but me and Pugh could quite easily be back in World War 2. Its a bright sunny day and we're outside on the yard making a chicken shed. Up above us right now, are two Spitfires doing barrel rolls and all sorts of manouvres. They've been at it for at least ten minutes and what a show they are giving us.
Absolutely fantastic.      Lets hope that there aren't any Fockers about.
I can't believe our good luck.

You are a pair of jammy sods  

We often see the Battle of Britain flight coz of where we are, and once, the Lancaster just kept flying over our village for some reason....

Pete called our mate in Oregon, USA, (middle of the night there!) and said 'listen to this!'...

He got called lots of names, not only because it was about 2am their time, but because he is a big Lancaster fan!  

Another one, last summer (or the summer before, can' remember which) when we broke up, one of the teaching assistants was leaaving school as her husband was being posted overseas. He was actually one of the Lancaster pilots......soooo on his...and OUR last day at school, the cheeky devil flew low over the school, and set loads of car alarms off!  


horace wrote:
You are a pair of jammy sods  

My thoughts exactly!  It won't be long before you will never see any of these planes airbourne.  We've got one in the Potteries Museum but I think it's been raided for parts and it's only the 'shell' so to speak - no way thats getting in the air again!  

What a sight that must've been!

I had the great privilege to marshall the BBMF into their hardstands at RAF Manston some years was really quite moving seeing that Lancaster loom over me, & the Spit & Hurri shadow her until she was parked!

When I was based at Cosford I used to see the Mosquito being put through its paces almost every week too. I really hope these aircraft are kept airworthy for a long time yet. They're a very special part of Great Britains' heritage  

On a slightly different note my daughter announced one of her classmates fathers flies the F15 fighters that fly from Lakenheath. I KNEW he was American and worked at the base but  swooooon. They frequently rattle my chimney pots on their sorties. Love Lizzie

we live underneath the "flight path"  for this lot

Fantastic! I'd give my eyeteeth to see some of that lot  

Lizzie? We had a couple of those the other week...............they must've been visitors to RAF Leuchars & one made such a low pass that he was actually below the level of our garden! He passed about half a k from me so I gave him a wave. He saw me & actually came back & did another pass

We used to notice that the American pilots were a lot more approachable than our lot. We used to get a lot of US aircraft..............A-10s, 15s, 18s & even a Stealth on one memorable occasion (while I was stuck on gate duty  ) at Leuchars, & they always gave us a friendly wave as they taxied past

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