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I have ears growing

in the old bathroom.
Its the last room to renovate (to a utility room) but cant do it as yet. The "ears" have grown mega quick, maybe a week, guess its due to damp from possibly a leak on the flat roof.

What can I do in the meantime to get rid.
Many thanks  

I tried but cant make pic smaller mods

PS Sorry I havent been around please forgive me but poo things happen that means you have to step off for a bit.

Try scraping off the fungi, then Bleaching the area. If/when the fungi returns scrape then switch the Bleach with Milton fluid. The fungi though is the fruiting body. The problem will probably be rotting wood in your flat roof. So try and find the leak and patch up. We sorted a similar problem on our front porch by putting a pitched Hip roof on it.

Many thanks Diz.

Area duely scraped & bleached.  

Try butter, a clove of garlic, pepper and just a drizzle of syrup.

Thanks Bodger I will send you some to try out first, you can let me know how you get on  

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