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I have a Chinchilla, a lovebird and Cockatil

Who i totally adore.
My chilla is 13 years old and still running around like a baby.
My lovebird I handreared is amazing
My Cockatil is called Elmo again he is 13.

I did have my own horse but age got the better of him.
Saving for another at the moment actullay I want two I want an
Appaloosa (spotty) and a retired racehorse.I do a lot of work for
Ex racehorses rehoming etc.

Chinchillas always look so appealing in the pet shop but they must take a lot of looking after.
We used to have a cokateil who was very entertaining (if rather noisy rolleyes.gif ) but we had to rehome him after the cat took more interest in him.

Our one took me to be Mum and would just sit on my shoulder wherever I went, even outdoors. I put a finger in the cage and she'd jump on and then hop up.
Anyone else and she'd draw blood. I was a Cockatiels Mummy.

Chillas are quite hard but the rewards are amazing.My lovebird is like a limpet he spends all his time sitting on my head or swinging from my fringe.

Elmo my cockatil is not handtamed but is very loving al the same.
farmer jones

I love your little poem. PMA - positive mental attitude. That's what's needed these days- don't let the b****rds grind you down

Thanks Farmer Jones i have lived my life by that.Lifes too short.  

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