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i HATE rats !!!



My dogs great for that job! She got underneath a family of the little bleeders last weekend and sorted 3 of them!


Wouldn't have thought that the Rats are too keen on you either Von.

Best sort of rat that one in your pic mate!

couldnt agree more, hate the bar stewards as well
Rick & Carol

I think the weathers bringing them out. Checked to see if the hens were in bed last week and while our cockeral and the last girl still up were having a romantic interlude, so a bloomin great rat was on his hind feet drinking from their water a couple of feet away. Shot him a short while later when he had the cheek to come out again. On Monday I saw two young rats in the run, caught one on a trap that night and not seen any more since. ---- I hate 'em

I hate rats too.  And I'm not fond of chipmunks.

Richard Bailey

When we bought this lovely old house (It was here before the Trevi Fountain was built in Rome!) there was about a quarter of an acre totally overgrown mess, so thick, when we cleared it we found another shed we didn't know was there!

In that nasty musty old bit, there were a few rats, I personally don't worry about them, but 'She That Must Be Obeyed' cannot abide them, I was going to set traps, but in a few weeks our beautiful little "Old English Tortoiseshell" pussy cat "Charlie" (girl, short for Charlotte) polished off about three, the rest seemd to get the hint and moved out. Nest site removed job done.... Teamwork pusscat!


Made from an old strimmer.

Gas the bleeders
big v

now that is what i call a posh smoker what dos it handle like on the job.

Out on the shot on Saturday some flaming big rats under the feeders and by the pond. I'll be back with the Hushpower.

Give em poison, poison and then some more poison.

Re: i HATE rats !!!

flatiron wrote:

Rats are perfectly edible, if they haven't been poisoned. Had them decades ago in West Africa.

Goodness Gerry is there anything you haven't eaten ?

tilly wrote:
Goodness Gerry is there anything you haven't eaten ?

Hi tilly,yes, loads. Didn't have any choice over the rat, which was invariably served in a chilli sauce so hot that you couldn't distinguish any particular meat.

I hesitate to ask you to put a recipe on in the recipe section.

bodger wrote:
I hesitate to ask you to put a recipe on in the recipe section.

Bodger, I've never cooked them, just had them abroad. If you have caught some rats (not poisoned ones) just cook like any other game. Meat is fairly dark and dense.

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