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I give up

I've just got in to find next doors dog has got out again and killed another chicken, so between the buzzards odd fox attack and this bdooly dog I've got 2 left. They're going in a well fenced smallish run and I'll not be buying anymore.

bad news mate, I hope you're going to bill your neighbour
Dave C

Yes very bad news

Things are tough enough without crap like that happening.  

Not much point he's an on the dole druggie with depression of course so he can claim disability, his dogs already killed a cat another dog several of my chickens and been a complete bdooly nuisance. The reason is it's allowed out around once a day for half an hour so it goes mad. The dogs on it's last chance with the police, and the guys kids and missis are trying to sort it out when it does get out, and just to add a little twist to make it more awkward their daughter is my daughters pet project  

If you want a story to cheer you up how about this.
Many many years ago I tried to raise some partridges as my fathers farm used to hold them in olden days. I bought 25 day olds and put them in a secure ( I thought) loft . Infra red lamp and good feed they were my pride and joy. At about 3 weeks I discovered to my horror the blighters could fly and most of them had escaped through a gap where a slate was broken near a wall plate. I caught the remaining six that night and put them in a secure small run-Fort Knox I called it. They grew to nearly full size but the barstewards started killing each other and before long I was down to two.
I thought perhaps they did not have enough room so I made a new bigger pen for these 2 left. My Jack Russel Mungo was always by my side and watched them eagerly. I came home one night to find they had fought and only one was left. Distraught at my pet project I opened the pen to let the remaining bird get his freedom. Off he ran and I went for a consoling cup of tea. About half an hour later I was greeted by Mungo wagging her short tail proudly carring the last partridge dead in her mouth ! my pet project ended.

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