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I collected Little Miss Phoebe last Tuesday

After a 2 hour plus journey back from the breeders we visited with family and friends, then another couple of hours trip up to an old RAF airfield in Shropshire where I can keep her away from other dogs till she has her final injections.

She is beginning to feel her feet a bit more now and Thebus floor is awash with toys and bits of this and that brought in from outside.  I am not being too strict at present, but we have only had one small accident and she tries to poo and pee for me when we go outside.  

I think she is going to be a bit more spoilt than my other dogs.  I find every dog I have I am a little older and a little more tolerant and willing to give and take.  Hopefully she will not take too much advantage.  But she is a little sweetie so far.

She looks gorgeous Sue. Hope you both have loads of fun

She looks lovely - just a bit smaller than labrador size so far?!

Good luck with the training  

Yes so far she is around a small cocker spaniel size, but growing fast.  She was 9 weeks on Sat.  The breeder said to keep her on wildly expensive Royal Canin feed, and although I tried she is not impressed.  On the other hand mixed in with a little left over poached chicken and stock, or fresh raw minced beef it seems to go down a treat.   It doesnt take them long to get you trained does it

Good luck with her she will soon show you whose boss

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