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Dave C

Hunt round some of my permission

Well it was first day of the season, so i got a flyer from work and couldn't wait to get going, And guess what, it was absolutely Pouring down.
Well it was just me having a walk round one of my farms i shoot on, so what the heck and Fern my young Lab bitch wouldn't mind.

Second nettle field we hunted and she flushed 2 Hens, i cliped one with each barrel and both were runners, she retrieved the first no problem but the other must have gone along the hedge the whole length of the field, i thought we had lost it but she tracked it well and got it in the end, i was well chuffed.

(sorry about the pics but the rain was horrendous and there was no time for pretty pictures)

We carried on to the reed beds and bagged our first Cock bird of the season, good hunting by Fern and a Text book retrieve.

She then flushed a fox out of the far side of the reeds but out of gun range but he will keep until we get a few more lads out.
As we entered the wood a hen broke right under my feet, it was that close i thought it was going to land in the game bag but i missed with both barrels :icon_redface: never mind i took a rabbit as we made our way back which kind of made up for it.

The dog did well as the birds were sitting very tight and scent was almost non existent, so not the start of the season i had been dreaming about, but i was out there doing it and you have to take it as it comes whenever you can in this country.


great post...a good early result.  wish i had more permssion with that varied habitat!!! ...will have to keep reading your posts till i find my


Loks like a grand day out - and a cracking write up to boot!!  I've not been out myself yet but I am looking forward to a walk round, you can't beat it and it's great to see the dogs just doing what comes instictively to them (whilst we all try and take some cedit for the training )

It looks as though there are going to be plenty of rabbits about this year. To be honest, there always is here. I've noticed quite a few around in the daytime, so one night soon, I'l have to see if I can wheel my old mate Blind Pugh out with the lamp.
A grand report Dave.

A great afternoon, Im jealous

looks great  
Dave C

Thanks for the replys everyone

Loke i said i was soaked to the skin, but a nice afternoon all the same and i was over the moon with Ferns first day, she just gets better and better

Hear's to many more good days this season

Big Phil

Is it the picture angle or is the cock a little short in the tail?

You post reminded me of how much I miss my little working cocker.
Keep the tales coming in, its grand reading.

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