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hummingbird crash

We had an unusual thing happen here a couple of days ago.  Dwain and I were sitting on the front porch by the hummingbird feeders, watching the birds and getting them used to us being there.  The male is getting bolder, he now comes within a couple of feet of us.

The females were chsing each other between the two feeders.  One of them miscalculated and crashed into the window.  She hit so hard she made a "thump".  (They weigh 3-4 grams, so it was amazing the crash was so loud.)  After she hit the glass, she fell down onto a bench that's under the window, and laid there.

I went over and picked her up.  I held her cupped in my hand, she was very still.  Then she began to blink her eyes a little bit.  She gradually began to blink more rapidly, and then fluttered her wings.  I opened my hand and she sat there for a few minutes and then took off, seemingly completely recovered.


Excellent.........perfect ending.

Brilliant   ...

Great stuff, usually you just have a print on the window and a corpse

As said great out come   maybe she will become a friend

I thought it was good she lived to fly another day, too.  

She has learned where the glass is.  They are all back this morning.

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