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How We Approached Dealing With The Planning Authority

We haven't been on here for a while because we've been lost in Facebook, but we thought that this may be something of interest to this forum.

We've written a little piece about how we dealt with the planning authority when applying for permission to live in the woods.  It's something people often ask about.  This is not about the law but about a philosophy that certainly worked for us.  It would be interesting to hear other peoples experiences of the system.

The piece we've written is at:

Do let us know what you think.

Cheers Pete, I was hoping that you'd put this on OTG for our members to have a look at.

Some good solid advise there.

We went the other route. Head down keep quiet re council but did do all the be a good neighbor bit. Wait long enough to be able to win an appeal against enforcement.

Worked for us but very very hard on the nerves.

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