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How to waterproof a felt hat.

I've had what I consider to be fairly nifty looking felt hat for the last four or five years. I bought it one year from the Chatsworth Show and during the time that I've had it, its done sterling service. Its been absolutely waterproof but not so now, its started to leak and let my noggin get wet.

It is a favourite and I was wondering if there was a way of reproofing it without getting it sticky or gooey.  There aren't any rips in it, nor does it look as though its wearing thin.
Yorkshire Geordie

Take a look here, Bodger:-

It tells you that, "If the hat gets wet, first wipe it with a dry cloth. Then, with the brim turned up, place it on a level, clean surface to dry. Do not use artificial heat. All hats may also be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary. "


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