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How to take cuttings ?

we have have had a beautiful display of display of fucias and geraniums this year. Some trailing and others standered, just looking at them as I sit here.
They are looking preety forlorn now. Just wondered if I could save some for next season or is it a bit too late now.

A bit late really but why not have a go?? Ideally they root best July-early Sept. Either heel cuttings or softwood in water. Ive done both this year with great success. Love Lizzie

hi you don'thave to take cuttings to keep your fuchias just cut the stems back about a third keep moist and frost free over winter they are decidious and will lose all there leaves but will rebud in spring and then you can take cuttings if you want  or if you have a warm green house  they will keep grow ing geraniums treat them the same except they must be kept warm [40f]put a few in the house or warm greenhouse take cuttings march time

Thanks folk..I maybe okay with me vedges...even perenial plants , but to be honest such as fuchias and geraniums ...well I've always bought new each year for the baskets and to thinking yesterday..what a waste...
Thaanks again  
Paul N

You definitely need to get your standard FUCHSIAs in a cool greenhouse, shed or garage before the frosts arrive.

For the remainder, you'll have either hardy or tender fuchsias. The hardy ones can stay in the ground over winter and will be fine. Prune back to ground level in the Spring.

For tender ones, I always keep mine in pots, to remind me which are which. These should be brought into one of the above mentioned sheltered places, reduce all of the stems (including flowers) to 4" or so, then strip off all of the leaves. Don't water again until they are almost but not quite dust dry, and then only a little. In the Spring, put them in good light and sprinkle them with water.

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