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How to make 'Yankee' wildbird nesting boxes.

Up until quite recently, we sold Yankee candles in our shop. When We stopped selling them, I dismantled the rather impressive display stand that the company provided and salvaged some really good pine planks from it. I've been saving them for a project and today, I'm going to be to turning them into nest boxes.
The ones that we already have up in and around the place are getting a lot of attention and we seem to be moving towards a bit of a housing chrisis.

Watch this space, I hope to add to the thread as the day goes on.


I've spent most of the day tidying up my shed so that I could  actually get into it to start on the nest boxes, so I havent actually got on very far with my task. Here's my first decision, do I use some of this soft pine from the display shelving or do I make a real dez rez for the birds out of this lovely mature oak ?

Heres some proof of my endeavours on the tidying up front. This is an after picture, unfortunately I was too embarressed to take the before picture.

Now mine, is a real shed and here's the proof. My pot bellied stove with a rip roaring fire.

Captain Cockerel


Lovin' the stove Bodge..

Just what I need for my own workshop/garage/lads room  


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