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matt the rat

How to make traps......

Just been thumbing through my copy of Trap Making Step by Step, by John Bryan.

The book has been very well put together with detailed plans and instructions for making a number of traps, including:

  • The See-Saw Trap
  • 'All Mesh' box traps
  • The Rabbit Drop Box
  • The Larsen Trap
  • The Pigeon Trap
  • Large Cage Bird Traps

There are also sections on spring trap tunnels and lots of other information about traps.

I was especially impressed with the information about how to make cage traps.

All the plans are easy to follow, and I happen to know that John carefully 'road-tested' all the plans using volunteers before he published.

In addition to the book, there is a companion website, which provides support to the would be trap maker and offers some of the harder to find bits and pieces you may need.

This book will become a 'must have' for every pest controller, professional or otherwise, and I can highly recommend it.

The book is available direct from the companion website which can be reached by clicking on the link below:

Its ten out of ten from me, and I'm sure others will agree.

I've got the Bateman book Mat.
matt the rat

bodger wrote:
I've got the Bateman book Mat.

I have a few Bateman books, but nothing like this.

This book takes traps to the next level, with clear instructions on making your own.

Well worth the money IMHO; my neighbour is so impressed with the see-saw trap I showed him he is purchasing his own copy.
green man

Come on then Matt show us the see-saw  trap then please :-)
matt the rat

My camera is flat at the moment, but I'll try and get some shots of the trap in action.

I'm fairly sure there are pictures of some of the traps on the companion website.  Just follow the link above.
matt the rat

Or try THIS link
matt the rat

Or THIS is the 'improved' version that I use.


I've just checked your book out on Abe Books

All the book dealers are selling your book out at a higher price than yourself, so I guess you have a sale.

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