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green man

How to make a quick snow sledge.

A bit late now I know but all ready for next time it happens to snow...

Folks on here must have loads of different ways of making a home made sledge, this one design is but one of many I'm sure, so why not contribute your design if tried and tested.

Take polythene animal feed stuff bag or similar strength polythene. For adult or large child -cut along the top and bottom and up one side edge of the bag or depending on the size of the materials and if a smaller passenger -you may find it more suitable to cut along the top and down both sides , or if really small person you may get away with a complete sack with just some cardboard layered in, if you cut your bag do this neatly.  

Now find enough stiff cardboard or better still a piece of hardboard to fit just inside/or on the polythene shape, or sit the passenger against a wall and with knees bent measure from toes to the wall and add 6inches, then  cut your hardboard to this size, Drill a hole through both materials in the front corners and thread a rope through both  to act as reins, the reins also  allow the front to be pulled up as a curve to ride over the bumps of snow, it goes real fast after the snow surface is primed- so make sure you teach folks how to roll off if danger is looming.


Guess what?

I have just concluded the deal and have added a range of dog sleds and wheeled dog racing rigs to my manufacturing portfolio today.

Photos to follow ..... well, when I get the jigs and tooling up here and can fit making them in between production of the Cargo-Cycles  

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