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How to make a DIY Polytunnel

OK, as I am forever on the lookout for new products to make utilising all of the very expensive tube bending, tube rolling and welding equipment that I have recently invested in; diversification seems to be the order of the day under the Cargo Cycles banner. One thing that came to mind was small to medium size polytunnel frames suitable for the garden and allotments. So for next year I have decided to make and stock half round polytunnel frames made from steel tubing in sizes 1 metre and 2 metres diameter.

For the time being here is a short Youtube video of a small polytunnel made from reasonably low cost plastic water pipe.

Sometime next week I'll take time out to shoot a video of how to make a low cost former, and then show how the individual DIYer can bend up light duty steel tubing to make their own garden sized polytunnel frames, without the need for special tools; just a jigsaw, screwdriver and hacksaw.

I hope that its a winner for you Gareth but you'll be up against the big boys who can mass produce and keep their overheads and costs down.

Great idea Gareth! I think its a winner. Love Lizzie

bodger wrote:
I hope that its a winner for you Gareth but you'll be up against the big boys who can mass produce and keep their overheads and costs down.

I will not be exactly competing with the big boys, it is more of a marketing campaign. Mainly to increase the traffic to the Cargo Cycles web-site, which I have recently had to suspend due to a large sub-contract that carried a very tight none-disclosure agreement. I have almost fulfilled that contract; and well within the specified delivery time.

I need to get my products back into the market place and want to have a greater appeal to those members of the Tree and Bunny hugging brigade with a disposable income. By offering a smaller type of poly tunnel and Slug rings I am hoping that that I will increase my targeted consumers.

It sounds mercenary of me, but this is business and I would very much like to continue and sustain my current lifestyle N.B. paying the mortgage, enjoying local live music, occasional meal out, and the odd plywood project.

As for keeping cost down: I have access to a relatively untapped large legitimate labour market at the rate of 1 per man hour.

If you can dont do half rounds. Make them with straight sides for 2 or 3 foot so you increase the growing height on the edges making more of the area usable.

Poly Tunnel

I would make the frame all the same radius with screwed coupling joints to keep the transport cost down, would also offer doors as these seem to be the stumbling block and if the blow open bye bye poly tunnel. I am hoping to build a 12 foot wide x 28 foot long next year, so look forward to your developments.


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