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How to line a duck pond

OH is thinking of digging a large pond in our field.
There is an area that is regularly flooded with water running off all the fields. He thought that he would make a natural feature of it, rather than having a muddy mess and then introduce some ducks.
Picturesque, eh
He was speaking to someone who has a trout lake (I know, a different league altogether!) and he said that he lined his lake with clay.
Now, what OH wants to know, is how to go about this and is it just ordinary, common or garden clay. He presumes you dig it, line it with the clay, let it go hard? and viola??
Can that really be it?
Advice please!
green man

I know a bit about this and I can tell you now it will cost a load of money with no guarantee that it will hold water, first you have to pay to have the hole dug out and carefully graded and top line leveled ,  big machines then you have to buy loads of WET blue clay and have it spread all over the pond more machines/money you must keep the clay moist at all times, then you have to hire a thing called a sheeps foot  or pigs trotter roller this is a machine roller that has to be walked over and over the wet clay to puddle it, nightmare job, and do think about where all the water will go when it over flows.

Best bet hire a mini digger for the bank holiday weekend -get a load of old carpets to line the hole then get a pond liner and dig in the edges.

A small grant may be available.

Thanks for the reply, green man!
I thought it all sounded too simplistic - have told OH - he has a miserable face now
He now admits that his friend has recently had a leak - but didn't furnish any details of how he cured it
Will now be searching loft for copious amounts of old carpet and will price up pond liner.
Oh, and all the water that will be left over will go where it goes now, down a gulley into a disused lane oh.gif

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