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How to dress and joint a rabbit safely

I recently saw a post by a Johnny Rambo type character on how to joint a rabbit. Well I ask you? He'd got 4 of the most evil looking knives, an axe and a humungous meat cleaver :smt103
These are the tool that I use

Even the secatuers are a bit of overkill, as you can snap the bones of the feet and cut them off with a knife.

Cut the feet off with the secateurs at the equivalent to our wrist.

and tidy up with the knife.

Don't forget to do all four :-)

I always cut the tail off at this stage.

Now this is the bit where you need to take a bit of care. Pull the skin up and nick it with the point of the knife being careful not to go into the body cavity.

Then just widen the hole with your fingers.

The you just peel it like a glove.

Pull the fur right down over the head and then just cut the neck right the way around with the knife.

and just cut the head off.

I always use the secateurs or a knife to cut down through the pelvic region.


I use a knife to cut the back legs off.

Two nice joints - voila

Then I cut the ribs and forelegs off.

Which leaves me with the fore-quarters and saddle. I dont cut the front legs off, simply because they are just too small but this leaves 4 nice joints.

The bit in my hand is the tail bone which I got rid of.
The whole process took about 5 minutes and more to the point I still have all my fingers.

No tomahawk? No machete? No cutlass? You woldn't take on an Argentine garrison with secateurs - is a dead rabbit any less threatening?

I felt very nervous doing it without back up Brown Bear :: :: ::

Those are nice easy instructions to follow :-)

Should have been paunched asap after shooting :banghead:

Countrysider wrote:
Should have been paunched asap after shooting :banghead:

With a chainsaw.

Mick mate :-) :-) :-) It was for photographic purposes only :q37:

This bugger actually had a massive tape worm in it.

But i didn't want to put anyone off their tea. We shot it on land where there's a lot of sheep kept :smt103 :smt103 :smt103

Its put me off me wine Bodge :q20: I just about managed to survive the top bit being a bunny hugger - but thought - no I must look - eugh!

Dunk I'm so sorry, I can only appologise

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::


Just be glad you couldn't smell it being done - Doodle was sitting on the kitchen unit taking photos holding the camera with one hand and covering her nose with the other :-?

Woosey! :: ::
Wait till Grace starts performing.

Bodge you are forgiven! :lovestory:

I got the virtual smell having done thsi so much. I do it exactly as you do, Bodge, but also insert little finger into the anus to clear it of pellets that otherwise might end up in your steamed broccolli! ::

Thanks Bodge.
Another lesson well taught and a welcome addition to my culinary skills.
Described better than any book.

'ang on, you didn't do the ripping out the guts bit!

Never found tapeworm in a bunny before I must say. growths and stuff yes, never a worm. Mind you, my lurcher once ate a raw bunny and he then had dreadful tapeworms!!

The heart and kidneys can be used to make a rich gravy too.

This is only the second time that i've found one, as I said always from rabbits taken where there have been sheep. On the first occasion the tape was an absolute monster. :smt103 :smt103 :smt103

Thats the same way I do it Bodger and theyre exactly the same wilkinson sword secaturs I use
cheers chris

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