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How to disinfect plastic containers ?

The usual way to disinfect steel or glass containers is to submerge them in boiling water or place them in the range at 100ēC . But plastic bottles and buckets are usually made of PP or PE that have melting temperatures lower than 100ēC and are usually not very resistant to chemicals like alcohol and the like.

So can anyone share some experience with this please?

Dutch, I do a fair bit of home brewing and I use standard supermarket 'value' unscented thin bleach. it's about 28p for 2 litres.

for cleaning:
light duty dilute it at 55ml per litre of water
medium duty 110m per litre
heavy duty, 270ml [er litre

for standard disinfectant 20ml per litre

obviously, rinse afterwards.

The above will work with value bleach only as the more expensive stuff is higher concentrate and requires different rations.  I could sort it out for you if you let me know what type of bleach you can get over there...

Ordinary Milton sterilising fluid's good too. And it has the benefit of being used with just warm water  

Thanks a lot guys, I will go for the cheap bleach as I have never seen the Milton around here.


Dutch wrote:
I have never seen the Milton around here.

Wot do ya mean? Miltons always around on here!!  

Ordinary Milton sterilising fluid's good too.

Can't remember when Milton posted about having the chop    

What about "JEYES FLUID" it is ok for plant pots etc, but probably no good for food/drinking vessels as it will leave a very strong smell/taste.

As long as no metals are involved Milton Fluid should work perfectly.  Also Campden Tablets, available from home brew/wine making suppliers is just as good  

I use bleach as well but if its real important I'll use an iodine based disinfectant at a rate of 1 TBS per 5 gallons.

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