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how to cut corrigated iron sheeting

I'm in the process of putting up a log store. For the roof I have a load of scrap corrigated iron sheets from a tin garage I had to pull down, so I thought I'd use that. I'm not sure of the best way to cut it though, will I need an angle grinder with a cutting disc?


That would be the best way, mate. You just need to make sure you wear a mask as the fumes from the galvanisation process are toxic when heated.

I'd cut from one side only, then turn the sheet & cut through the peaks that you missed on the first pass  

If you have a 5" grinder you should be able to cut the sheets in one pass though?

If you can get them locally go for a thin, 1mm thick metal slitting disc. They cut cleaner, faster, are less prone to grabbing, longer lasting than normal metal cutting discs, and are an awful lot safer to use.

I use Rhodius 115mm and 230mm cutting discs on an almost daily basis and I really can not find any fault with them at all.

I buy mine in packs of 10 from toolstation, and they come in a nifty screw top storage tin. Here is a link to the 115mm dia ones:

Because they are over a tenner, toolstation do free 48 hour delivery.

However: if it's only a small job let me know, and I'll drop one in the post to you

thanks guys, as I don't yet have an angle grinder guess that'll be my next question   .

Thanks for the offer Gareth, this will only be a small job, but I have an awful lot of the stuff to cut when it comes to rebuilding the garage and repairing the barn.

tin snips altho hard work will do it

I managed to cadge some 2nd hand, there was more than enough for my kennels so I could afford a large over lap, that might help if it is the same in your case, if not I would go for the angle grinder myself.

If you have a skill saw with metal not plastic guard you can get cutting blades for them we have used them. But if you have an old blade that is shot put it in back to front and wear good earmuffs it works a treat  

I had forgotten about the Evolution Rage and Fury Circular saws. Last year I hired one of these for on-site cutting of a lot of stainless steel expanded diamond pattern walk way mesh. It will handle sheet steel up to 3 mm thick, but the expanded walkway mesh I was cutting was 6 mm thick.

I was in the Norwich MachineMart depot last week, and the Evolution Fury circular saw with a metal and wood cutting saw blades was on sale for less than 50.

hmmm, they sound interesting. I would probably have more need of a circular saw than I would an angle grinder. Thanks Gareth, I will do some investigation.

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