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how to conect multi fuel burner to central heating......

We have two multi fuel burners and wonder if it is feasible to connect one to the central heating system? so that we can use the heat from the burner to heat some or all of the rads? We have an old comi bolier.

Simple answer Yes But it will be costly as you will need to add a cylinder (plus lots of other bits) & change how your existing system works from direct to indirect.

Is there a boiler available for one of the two stoves? If one has one already & its not been in use it will be wrecked.

This is something that we've been considering and would be very interested to hear about and to see how you get on.

seems there is more to it than we first thought  but will dig a bit deeper and let you know how we get on.

ours heats hot water and radiators on an indirect system which was quite simple to plumb in but with a combi boiler you are going to need an indirect tank and a header tank as Just Me says, should'nt be that difficult though except you would'nt be able to use your combi system
windy miller

Connecting boilers

Aga Rayburn do a little gadget which will do it for you I think. No Idea of cost but I was looking on there site the other day. I think its called eco connect or something.

Thats a copy / redesign of the H2 series of control systems.
windy miller


H2 system ???? does it work and can we fabricate one is the question

Yes & Yes.

we have 2 seperate systems -
the LPG supply which runs combi boiler,  CH & hot water (which is our backup), and the new main system from our new woodwarm with backboiler which does the hot water in the kitchen (extra tap at sink & connections to dishwasher & washing machine) and soon extra tap at bath, plus 5 rads.
The cylinder in the airing cupboard dries all the coats, and we will be adding a coil in this cylinder from solar tubes to maintain our free hot water in the summer.

So our bedrooms & bathroom have an extra rad.....

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