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How to build a Skinner moth trap.

My son and I started to build a Skinner moth trap last night from plans that we found on the internet. So far we have only had to use recycled materials . Today, I'll be picking up the mercury bulb and socket from the local electrical warehouse and I'm hoping to have it working for tonight.
I'd like to post pictures of the construction and of whatever the results of our first night are. Needless to say, I'm getting a bit excited.
The plans at the bottom of this page are the ones that we have followed.

A spot of bother i'm afraid. :sad11:

Have built the box and bought the mercury bulb along with a socket.
Tried the bulb and its blown straight away. :sad10:  Unbeknown to me you can't just plug a mercury vapour bulb and plug it in and expect it not to blow. I've now got to look at investing in a control unit and a new bulb.
Argh well, you live and learn I supose. :smt046
mrs tiggywinkle

:q28:   Have you checked the fuse????????

We ended up using the trap with a 100 watt energy saving bulb last night. I've been out to check it and it looks as though we have one or two moths in it. The design requires egg boxes to be placed at the bottom of it so that any insects that are attracted to the trap have somewhere to hide. Without disturbing the boxes , I can see that we have quite a few cockchaffer beetles and a few small moths.
Doodle is a sleep in the land of nod and all I have to do now is persuade her to take pictures of my captures. She's not a morning person. :-)

I should be able to post pictures of the trap under construction from yesterday.

First night out with my DIY trap, I was pleased with the results but disappointed that virtually all the pictures of the moths that I caught were rubbish and had to be binned.

Pictures of making the trap.

Some of the raw materials. Recycled ply wood.

Made into a 40x 40 cm box.

With perspex and a bulb added. The egg boxes are for the moths to hide themselves under after they have entered the trap.

We set it under the trees by the honey suckle.

The trap was set all night.

I caught loads of moths and cockchaffer beetles but unfortunately for me and probably fortunately for you these three photos of my catch are the only ones remotely any good. :sad10:

The trap will go out again in a slightly different location and with a brighter bulb.

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