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How to add info

onto a filezilla calender,  
for some reason we cant get more than one thing onto the calender on the website. it wont except it, even tho we should be able to put as many bits as we like on there.
Has anyone got any ideas or suggestions,   pleeeeeease, before zoes tempted to give her comp a flying lesson    (and no she doesnt take after me   )

You should know, Godzilla.

as brilliant as i am  bazzer theres even bits i dont know    

Anyway. Thought you had things to do or you still sucking coffee?

Sorry all  

yes bazzer just slightly off topic  
and no i didnt choke on it!!!

Back to the original topic...............if any one could help it would be greatly appreciated  
Not you Bazzer!!!!!!

Danndans, Zoe to send me aas much info as poss. Web address (I can't find your site addrees in my millions of saved favourites).

I assume it is FileZilla she is using to upload to the site calendar.

Does she get any error messages (allows me to identify if the site has reached it's file limit etc)

I'll try to best to work it out for you    

Thanks, i'll get her to sort everything out tomorrow and get it sent over to you    We've been on the go all day  and literally just stopped and she didnt feel like going thru it all now,.

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