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how strong could it be?

I love my cider, but have had to give up booze so cider is off the list now!

As a kid my mum used to make fizzy apple juice from the fallers in our garden - now my homebrewing experience says that what she did fermented to make the fizz, but i have never bothered working out content before - any of you chaps or chapesses know roughly what the levels would be in a drink like this?  just wondering if I can get away with making it and not getting too much of the taste for the booze again!  

3lb of apples minced/grated, 12 pints of water, soak apples in water for week stiring once a day.
strain of liquid and dispose of pulp.  Add grated rine and jusice of 2 large lemons and 2lb of sugar.
stir over 24hrs to dissolve
ready to drink in 10 days

Thanks for any help you can give


I don't think that would be alcoholic at all.  You need yeast and sugar to cause fermentation and with the minimal sugar content in 3lb of apples in 12 pints of water there would be negligible fermentation if any caused by any natural yeasts on the skins of the apples, espescially in such a relatively short time.  I also doubt it would be fizzy either.

Oh it is definately fizzy trust me!  when we first made it we used wine bottles with corks - the pressure inside the bottles made an interesting mess of my mums airing cupboard!!
surely 2lb of sugar and they yeast from the apples  is enough.

its not fizzy like coke but lots of small bubbles  if you open it too quickly first time it will overflow everywhere loosing about the first 2inches from a bottle.

I think I must have got the wrong end of the stick Mel... Thought you put the sugar in then drank within 24 hours, looking at it again, do you then leave it for 10 days before drinking?

Must admit I'm still surrprised it's fizzy but then, I spend a lot of the time surprised  

With apples, you've already got natural yeast and sugar, so if it ferments for anytime, then it will be alcoholic. Turn you apples into juice and stick a hydrometer in it and from that reading, you'll be able to tell how strong its likely to become.
I picked some apples a few weeks ago and have started to make them into cider. I've added nothing to them and from that innitial reading, I know that it should be around 4.8% when its finished. This is quite low for cider but its strength does depend very much on the apples.
You could water it down when its finished or you could possibly pasteurise the brew to kill off the natural yeasts before its had time to really ferment. Either way, you're going to get some level of alcohol in your finished brew.

You could take you apple juice, pasteurise it and then carbonise it but I'm not sure how you'd do that or what equipment you'd need.

I really loved this drink as a kid its just a shame that im not able to figure out easily if there is enough booze to worry about - if it was only half percent then wouldnt worry but if its over 1% then wouldnt consider making it.  as I then run the risk of undoing all the work we have done in the last 9 months or not drinking booze

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