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How's your Honey Harvest?

How has everyone done for honey this year? Considering we lost all our colonies and started again with two hives which we had to split drastically to prevent swarming we're pretty happy. We now have five good colonies and have been able to take a couple of supers of honey off.

well, its been a strange year.
I started the season by losing 2 of my 3 colonies.  The one I had survive the winter was a small colony and I didnt expect them to make it.  This colony has continued but slowly and my fear is that it has nosema, although Ive seen no diarrhoea - just not building up the way you'd expect.
I bought a colony of black bees from a good friend down West and these built very rapidly, and in fact swarmed 5 days ago!  We saw the swarm go 30ft into a leylandii only 50 foot from the hive and John was determined to collect them, so rigged an extending ladder and very Laurel & Hardy like went up this tree with a feed sack and loppers and caught them and we rehived them.  We moved them last night to their new site.
The remaining hive I have here will be looked at today, and my other hive (nearby) was a bait hive which attracted a lovely swarm of prolific and calm bees which have, in the very short season produced to date 3 supers full of honey.  Tim has been so keen to have them and so interested that he has agreed to a 2nd bait hive next spring.

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