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How much seasoned wood do I need ?

By next winter, we'll have a 5KW multifuel wood burner installed in part of the house. It will be used solely as a room warmer and because the stove will be in a busy part of the house, it will be getting a lot of use.
I know there's a lot of variations to take into consideration, quality of wood and weather etc but how much wood do folks reckon that I should be aiming to have stored ?

One of the reasons that I ask, is because I'm aiming at making a Bodgerish attempt at contructing something along the lines of this.
green man

We glean what wood we can throughout the year, but are never really tempted to buy a huge load of wood from anyone person just one load at a time, as you say quality of burning wood varies a great deal so we like to try it before we commit  to a huge amount from any one supplier, even then the individual loads can vary in heat output  dryness weight etc, but if you find a good supplier don't loose his number, depending on the size of your stove, mine takes 2foot logs so it's quite a big one as is the room it heats, but we reckon to use 4- 6 pick up truck loads a year.

Running 24/7 my rayburn goes through a load in about 3 weeks. A load for me is one of those tipper trucks a bit bigger than a transit.

We use a pickup load of ash logs a week which does all the hot water and the radiators

If you have twin axle trailer and a chainsaw your well prepared.
I cut a load of standing dead wood for a gamekeeper. He hadnt thought of cutting it himself and was pleased with the increased light levels for ground cover foliage. I got the wood for a bit of labour and cost of chainsaw fuel.
As for volume, we ran a 6kw and used 4 stone of wood a day (guessing the weight against one of the children).

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