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How many of you still have a childhood

Toy and what is it? Why wont you throw it away and what does it mean to you ?
I have a fluffy purple bunny rabbit and of course, it means absolutely nothing to me.      Its nearly as old as me, at fifty and something years old.

A teddy bear that was bought for me soon after I was conceived.  He still sits in my bedroom too     The only name he's ever had is "Ted".

My bear from my 1st birthday. He's in considerably better shape than me!! Love Lizzie

Somewhere in the loft I've still got Bunny and Scotty. No not that Scotty.

I've got a couple of small Steiffs.  A blonde Cocker that I loved most of the fuzz off of and a little brown monkey that I didn't like as much.  They went to the Antiques Roadshow here with me.   Wouldn't part with them for anything.
Lorrainelovesplants small white teddy.  He has a yellow jacket with hood that my mum knitted him.  He's 39 years old, and sits on a shelf in Kate's room.

Squeaky ted and Geegee the knitted horse, had them since I was a baby

lilwitedogs wrote:
A blonde that I loved most of the fuzz off

I had one of those once.............probably not the time or place to talk about it though    

I no longer have any toys from my childhood, sadly. The one that lasted the longest though, was a teddy bear identical to 'Little Ted' from Playschool. He died a noble death about ten years ago now though..........he'd lost almost all of his fur, the straw was poking through all over, & his head had been sewn back on so many times he could've taught surgeons  

My parents gave all my toys away when I left.  I wish I'd taken my little teddy Zac with me

However, I've started collecting my other favourite toys - Britians model horses and farm animals.  Even started buying modern 1/32 farm diorama models to go with

I have Linda a doll, well she's at me mums in the UK, we didn't think NZ customs would let her into the country.....

Scary innit!  Needless to say I never took up hairdressing or became and eye surgeon!

Eeek! Bride of Chucky, methinks    

Ah. Just like mummy eh Lil?

Still got my cabbage patch kid that poor Bazzer hunted high and low to get about a zillion years ago (80's)   Wish I could find it's other bootie though  

and a koala with one arm half the size of the other from being dragged around all day.  

Yewww scary dolly! Has anyone seen Toy Story 3???? Love Lizzie

Cheeky sod Bazzer  

No not seen TS3 yet! Don't tell me Linda's in it!  

I still have Fredbear who was a hand me down (hence Fredbear by the time he got to me), and must be around 63 years old.

Yup NPZome - Linda has a starring role!! When dollies go baaaaddd! Love Lizzie

Still got Judybear, a teddy had when I was a baby (not saying how old) - ooh & a smaller one too. My dad has a teddy that was his dads - very ragged but very old!

lizzie44 wrote:
Yup NPZome - Linda has a starring role!! When dollies go baaaaddd! Love Lizzie

Now I'm scared!
mrs tiggywinkle

just seen this....and omg where do I start. Our attic is full of stuff I wont throw out..... Dolls cot, dolls silvercross pushchair, Tressie (her hair grew by pulling a middle section), Chatty Cathy one of the fisrt talking dolls(you pulled a sting in her back) A couple of baby dolls and a cabbagepatch girl doll. OH bought me this after the birth of our 2nd son..I wanted a girl!!!!
 The reason for saving all these things was I was going to have a baby girl (got 2 boys) so now I'm patiently waiting for a granddaughter. lol

When I was 17 years my parents house and everything in it was sold. So I have no things of my childhood. Would have loved the bog box with blocks of lego.
But, I did manage to rescue some stuff. A very old photo-camera, I was given on my 14th birthday, it belonged to my granddad and a few books with sheets for piano, which were of my grandmum, I still use these books.

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