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Dave C

How many Broodies

This last week I've had 3 Indian Game hens go broody
And 1 Cuckoo Marans

Typical when you don't need one.

How many Broodies do you have?
Dave C

Guess nobody has any Broodies this year  

Not been on much recently Dave, been laid up ill so only just seen this.
I currently have eleven broodies.  

First of all, I hope you're feeling better Malcolm.

These days I keep just the two breeds of chickens. My Anconas aren't supposed to go broody and so far, mine are playing true to form and as for my Light Sussex, none of them have gone broody as yet either.
Dave C

Sorry to hear that Malcolm
Hope you feeling better soon pal.

Wow, eleven   are you using any this year?

I have 3 Indian Game, which I might use 2 of them oneggs, might sit them on dummy eggs then get them to adopt.

The Cuckoo Marans is in the Broody Coop
As her eggs are too nice to have her off lay.


Thanks John. I'm a lot better now after a rough few weeks.
I had an accident with a LARGE piece of timber resulting in a badly crushed foot and a broken big toe (ouch) then a few days later I got a serious chest infection.
I was very ill, went to see my doctor and she called an ambulance and had me rushed to hospital.
Jean said I was hallucinating and talking rubbish, even more than usual.  

Quick update on the Camm x Bodger Light Sussex chicks,


It looks as though you're enjoying a pullet year like me.

Those hallucinations your wife told you about ? You weren't talking about getting more chickens by any chance.

Never had much luck with broody chickens Dave, I've always done better with the incy.
There was some head shaking when I told Jean I was saving more eggs for hatching John.  
Dave C

And another 2


They are nice looking birds Dave, are they Marans ?
Most of my broodies have responded to the wire cage treatment and started laying again.  
Dave C

Thanks mate, yes there Cuckoo Marans.

I find about 5 days normally dose it.
David Harris

I have 19 sitting at the moment.

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