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How is the snow on your roof ?

I checked our roof today and there is an area above the loft hatch which is melting identifying a need for some more insulation. I will add some celotex type stuff on top of the existing insulation on the hatch.  ''
How is everybody elses roof doing in the snow ?

The snow melts on the one side but that is only if the sun hit's it

Ours has got damn near 100% coverage - we're well happy  

We haven't got snow  but I don't think that our roof would show very good results as it is a crogloft cottage with the 2 upstairs bedrooms being in the roof with exposed beams etc. We have never got around to insulating between the beams in the bedrooms
green man

You must be made of tuff stuff  

our is still full, no insulation added in about 15 years  

house across road full refurb 18 months ago and its started melting at the top, about half way down

Ours gets fully covered, both North and South facing and tages an age to melt.

The insulation is certainly working.

However when the thaw started, the snow melted into the gutter at the rear and then managed to get into the void under the roof. The flat upstairs now has a very serious damp patch over the bedroom window and very sodden curtains apparently.

This just proves that when the gutter was mended to stop water coming at the floor level of upstairs flat bedroom and down the gutter side of my bedroom a different set of problems was caused.

Good old contractor who does roof works for the housing association has erred and sinned again it seems. Done one repair and caused another.

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