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Sharpen a bread knife?

By usng one of these 1/2 round diamond files (shown extended and retracted) 5.50 each from B&Q, or from Outdoors and camping shops at considerably more


How do you sharpen a pair of scissors?


How do you sharpen a serrated bread knife?

Scissors should really be hollow ground to resharpen them. This is not an easy task even when you have the right kit. I can resharpen garden shears, but have ruined a couple of good pairs of scissors.

Most good independent hardware shops will offer a sharpening service and here in East Anglia we have an elderly travelling gypsy who has a biycle powered grinder. (He is a mate of mine, but how we originally met, and the circumstances is a whole different story).

A quick temporary sharpening of scisssors can be done with the flat of the diamond sharpeners. But only give the tapered edge, and the blade contact points a few strokes of the file. Otherwise you will ruin them beyond repair.

To sharpen a Bread Knife, use a half round diamond file. A few downward strokes of the round section on the blades serrataions will be more than sufficent. Daimond files can be be very aggresive on most household stainless steel knives, and often less is more in their use.

I bought an old sharpening iron from a clearance from a big old house.  You can sometimes find them in bric-a-brac shops.

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