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How do you kill a tree stump?

You will probably recall that last year we had a big sycamore felled right outside our house, well the stump has started to sprout lots of regrowth. We've tried drilling holes down into the stump and filling them with a strong solution of 'Round Up' weed killer before plugging them up again but this hasn't worked. We need to try again but this time using the proper stuff but what is it that I actually need to get the job done?

There is a stump killer liquid named GARLON, you will need a licence to buy it, most tree surgeons mix it with red diesel to make it go further as it is very expensive.

I don't like the sound of licence or very expensive.

It will take sometime and a good amount of round up before it reaches the roots, you will get regrowth before the tree dies completely.

I don't know what size of drill bit you used, but I would use a 45-50mm flat spade bit and drill the holes about 2" deep.

The more holes you drill the more round up you can pour in them.

I don't plug my hole after they have been drilled, as I can then add more round up, when the holes are empty.

You could also knock some copper nails around the base of the trunk, these combined with the round up should do the job.

Battery acid.................... I have used it many times and not only does it kill the stump, but it dissolves it over about 18 months so you have no need to dig it out.

Spent Torch batteries inserted into drilled holes which are then plugged shut with a well fitting stick or dowel will also kill the stump. But I doubt there is enough acid in them to dissolve the stump.

Depending on the size of the trunk you could try a stump grinder to get it down to ground level these are available for hire at HSS or speedy.
Then split it with a maul and if you have a strike bar which is basically a gigantic crow bar you can prize each section apart enough to get copper solution right in there or diesel but these take time to kill it outright.

Unless your block paving or something and the stump is in the way why not just use the stump grinder get below ground level then using copper nails hammer a ally plate over the top and back fill with soil.

Ooooh, good post.  We have to take down at least 6 trees this summer and I was concerned about the stumps, so this makes good reading for us.

Hollow out the top, light a fire, BBQ.

12 Bore is not that far out

Drill deep holes down, towards the edges..drill holes to meet the base of the downward holes from the side of the trunk.
drop in fire lighters, burning. let them smoulder away...
Depending on the thickness of the trunk ...repeat.
Dryer the trunk the better

Have used similar methods re' Gareth and various builders acids....of course it works...lenght of time before you replant....unknown to me.
But, if as we were doing then, block paving or otherwise over it made no odds...

I'm always warry on this one......

Lorrainelovesplants wrote:
Ooooh, good post.  We have to take down at least 6 trees this summer and I was concerned about the stumps, so this makes good reading for us.

Use round up on the stump immediately after cutting the tree down ie within 20/30 seconds. Left too long you will have Bodger's problem.

Bodger if you have enough trunk to work with, put a cut in with a chainsaw all the way round the trunk and fill with round up.

neat roundup or diluted?

Neat, brushed over the entire stump.

john best stuff copper sulphate
Dave C

Diesel kills them.

Dave C wrote:
Diesel kills them.

Sure does we drill holes fill,we have done a few last year
Dave C

Yes if you drill then fill the holes with diesel
The put a plastic bag over the end and tie it on with an elastic band it will stop the stump from breathing and keep the diesel & fumes strong in the stump.

They dont recover from that

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