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How are your cucumbers doing?

How are your cucumbers doing? I've only planted two plants this year and for the last few weeks, I've been getting some beauties off them. There are still plenty more to come but please don't mention my tomatoes, they're abismal this year.

I was very late getting the poly up and running. Planted out the cuckes...what happened I will never know, lost the lot (4).....
Tom's are behind for the same reason, growing well, up to 3 trusses per plant, but no fruit as yet.
Courgettes seem to be doing fine, loads of flowers, plenty of fruit now showing.

I'm still on a learning curve, as I've never had a poly before, only the 'ole G/H. So all is new to me...

Dad's greenhouse cucumbers have done really well, although they seem to have stopped flowering now. ( saying this I haven't seen them in the past couple of weeks and as his eyesight is so poor he didn't even know he had cucumbers, there are possibly flowers)

My GH tomatoes have fruit on and are looking good , yet my sons have hardly any flowers - it's his 1st year growing them and was quite offended when I question if he was removing the flowers rather than the side shoots  
brummie nick

I have one cucumber plant in a grow-bag in the greenhouse, and it's producing loads this year.

I don't eat them myself.

1 plant in a large pot , going MENTAL !!! i have had loads , i have never grown them before so really dont know the rights from wrong , but it seems to be happy happy with what i have done , and so am i

I took this picture of the cucumbers, peppers and chilli peppers in my polytunnel this evening.

I also pulled out some onions to dry.

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